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Neil Collins Miller, Jr.

September 6, 1942 - June 22, 2014

There are some we meet in passing
And forget as soon as they go
There are some we remember with pleasure
And feel honored and privileged to know
You were that kind of person
Who leaves beautiful memories behind
And there will be many days
Which will bring fond memories to mind
Memories of Neil from his fellow Kiwanians
Neil was a quiet conversationalist who enjoyed the company of others.  He particularly was fond of helping young people, especially related to our club's athletic events.  Neil recently had shown substantial interest in the Aktion Club we sponsor.  He attended Aktion Club meetings and was genuinely interested in helping them engage in positive community service.  It takes a truly caring person to contribute their time to special needs people.
Ed Verburg
I would like to mention his modesty.  He would frequently claim to know nothing about whatever subject was being discussed, whether at Kiwanis, at a HOA Board meeting, or just in casual conversation, and that would just as frequently not be the case.  Example:  Neil and I were being driven around by the owner of the company that sealed the HOA roads.  Neil mentioned he was just along for the ride.  The owner was explaining the technicalities of the operation, little of which I understood, until Neil neatly summarized everything.  He was a submarine officer and they only take the brightest.
Dave Bertganoli
Neil was one of those men who would give you the shirt off his back.  Even though he came into my life late, I quickly learned that he was a kind and generous person.  He was very likable and had a unique sense of humor.  On those occasions when I rode with him, he always kept me entertained with jokes and humorous anecdotes.      
We had in common our military service.  He proudly served in the US Navy as a submariner for six years.
I will miss him.
Joe Beranek
Neil was one of those guys who didn't brag or act like he knew everything.  Usually if he was asked to help out he would claim he didn't know much about the job but he would give it a try.  As I struggled to make time for my  volunteering I began to notice that Neil had volunteered for most all of the events and projects our club had.  He was everywhere help was needed.  Everyone liked him.  I will miss him as all of us in Kiwanis de Amigos will too.  Goodbye Neil.
Nate Benedict
I'll remember most about Neil was his need to sit on the East side of the table so he could cup his better right ear to hear a speaker.  RIP Neil.
Doug  Meriwether
Always there to give a helping hand.  RIP

Dick and Susan Di Schino

My fondest memory of Neil was at the Tucson Marathon in December 2013.  As the project chairman, Neil had jumped in feet first and without a clue!  While it seemed disorganized and chaotic, as it is every year, and people didn’t show up when and where they were supposed to, Neil just kept smiling and checking his notes like he knew what he was doing all along.   Since we managed to finish in record time,  I guess he did!  We will all miss Neil and his spirit of service.

Kathy Bayer



Two things I will remember about Neil, first he was always willing to help out. Second, he had a quiet but great sense of humor. Always amiable and fun to be around. I will miss him, and our club is diminished by his loss but enriched by his memory.

Dean Sipe



 He was such a nice guy and also fun to work with. Will miss him too.

Manfred Jong



Neil was an eager club member who was always there and wanting to do his part.  He was so proud of his wine colored Rattlesnake Run T-shirt that he wore it more than any other.  He was what it meant to be a real Kiwanian and we'll miss him very much.

Jack Hamilton



I rode to the Kiwanis meetings with Neil and always enjoyed conversations with him. I enjoyed listening to his wit , humor and his life stories. He was very dedicated to the success of Kiwanis De Amigos and our homeowners association .He will be missed. 

Larry Ross



I have known Neil for a couple of years since joining Kiwanis De Amigos and also at Board Meetings for our Homeowners Association at Sweetwater In The Foothills (Agua Dulce H.O.A.). Neil was always at the front of the line when it came to volunteering for any of the events being sponsored by Kiwanis De Amigos in Tucson and will besorely missed.I will miss most his kind spirit,quick wit and his stories of life experiences.

Bob Mola



It was an honor to sponsor Neil into the Kiwanis de Amigos.  He was at every single club project, and took on any task asked of him.  His quiet manner and willingness to help wherever he could speaks to his desire to serve his community.  He was gentleman and a friend, and he will be missed. 

George Mitcham