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Dave Betts

Dr. Betts is a teacher and researcher at the University of Arizona’s College of Education, in the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Sociocultural Studies, program in Language, Reading & Culture. with an emphasis on literacy, technology, and the arts with diverse populations. He has also taught in the Media Arts Department, in the College of Fine Arts.

His recent research in the integration of art and technology in education includes work with Wildcat School, Access Tucson, Southeastern Arizona Arts in Academics, several local school districts, and the Pascua Yaqui Tribe of Arizona’s Department of Education. Dr. Betts is past-president of the Arts and Learning SIG of the American Educational Research Association. He has served on the boards of Access Tucson, Arts Genesis, and Kiwanis de Amigos, and on the Media Arts Committee of the Tucson Pima Arts Council.