The Kiwanis de Amigos Relays are April 14!



Ed Verburg

Ed Verburg, along with his wife Joyce, were both born in New Jersey, but grew up in California. They have two daughters (Adelle and Wendi, and three grandchildren). Ed is a Wildcats football fan, and he enjoys playing pool and bowling.

Ed worked for local, regional, and federal governments, and retired from government service 14 years ago. He developed the Open Space, Recreation, and Conservation Plan for the City of Glendale, CA. Ed's federal service included senior management positions with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Treasury, and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Ed also worked at a management consulting firm as a senior manager and served as its board and as a trustee. Key areas of expertise include natural resources, planning, and finance. He has served on the board of two Kiwanis clubs, and previously was a Lt. Governor (Capital District) and President of the Kiwanis Club of Arlington and Kiwanis Club de Amigos. He is now serving as Treasurer. Ed holds a B.S. in Environmental Design, an M.C.P., and Doctorate degree.