Rattlesnake Run is September 8!



To serve the children and families in Tucson and Southern Arizona.

Organizational Background and Club History

Kiwanis was founded in Detroit, Michigan, on January 21, 1915, and became an international organization in 1916 with the organization of the Kiwanis Club of Hamilton, Ontario. We now have about 8,000 clubs in 96 countries. Kiwanians are volunteers changing the world through service to children and communities. Kiwanis members help develop youth as leaders, build playgrounds and sponsor youth events that emphasize exercise and health, support pediatric research, and much more.

On November 6, 1980, the Kiwanis de Amigos was officially chartered by Kiwanis International. Kiwanis de Amigos has been involved in a broad range of activities that focus on serving youth in the community over the last 33 years. Examples of our community activities include:

  • Worked with the Tucson Police Department in distributing brochures on child sex abuse,
  • Sorted food received through the U.S. Postal Service’s annual food drive for the local food bank,
  • Supported the Reid Park Zoo in the construction of a new lion house,
  • Sponsored basketball and other events associated with Special Olympics,
  • Worked with Big Brothers/Big Sisters on their annual picnic and other activities,
  • Assisted with Tucson Marathon and Pima County Immunization Clinic,
  • Supported Christmas shopping spree for 22 school children,
  • Coordinated a special picnic at the Arizona Children’s Home,
  • Sponsored Fit Kids for Walter Douglas Elementary School with annual awards for outstanding athletes (based on competition for laps),
  • Participated in the C.A.R.E. Fair, and
  • Sponsored Kiwanis organizations at the elementary (K-Kids), high school (Key Clubs), and university (Circle K as faculty adviser) levels.

The club has a diverse group of 30 members. Kiwanis de Amigos started the Relays in 2001 and Rattlesnake Run in 2002. Due to the focus on the health and self esteem of young children, these two events have continued to be our major undertakings during the year.


Past Club Presidents:

PRESIDENTS: Kiwanis de Amigos
1980-1981 Henley Christian "Chris" Everett Harry E. Clark L.O. "Budd" Amundson
1981-1982 Derrell Parrish Jordan A. Epstein W. Coy Williams
1982-1983 Richard "Dick" Patterson Edgar C. Buck Richard "Rick" Reahard
1983-1984 David D. West Ray V. Wills Michael G.P. Pratt
1984-1985 Paul W. Plunk William T. Waldron J.R. "Jim" Brooks
1985-1986 Russell Christiansen Gary W. Jones Jesse Najera
1986-1987 William "Bill" Fearneyhough Robert E. Busche Richard H. Schwartz
1987-1988 J. Chauncey Meyer Edward G. Frisch Charles R. Nichols
1988-1989 Mike B. Welborn Allen "Ace" Simpson Karl Kohlhoff
1989-1990 Dean Sipe Richard Goddard Harold C. Larson
1990-1991 David Betts Roger Brooks Charles H. Hartman, Jr.
1991-1992 Steve Perkins Walter Schaffer Timothy M. Young
1992-1993 Kent Miller Walter Schaffer West McLean
1993-1994 Scott Meyer Thomas Flynn R. Greg Dodson
1994-1995 Gary Greene William Gibson Earl E. Weeks
1995-1996 Ed Claros Marvin F. Gordon Michele G. Nevins
1996-1997 Ed Zeches Leonard Goetzke Donald R. Root
1997-1998 Patricia "Pat" Taylor H. John Dunshee Bob McBride
1998-1999 Douglas "Doug" Meriwether Burney Starks Rose Ann Dodson
1999-2000 Steve Perkins Jack Hamilton Hank Wehmeyer
2000-2001 Jim Harner John Dunshee Myron Des Chene
2001-2002 Chauncey Meyer Sally Watts Gordon Hendrickson
2002-2003 George Mitcham Edmund G. Marquez Dick Caley
Division 6 became Division 9
2003-2004 Taunya Villicana James "Jim" Jennings James Galbraith
2004-2005 Glory Novak William "Bill" George John Finley
2005-2006 Anne Stolcis Burney Starks Bobbie Virden
2006-2007 Sally Watts Sherry Jennings James "Jim" Jennings
2007-2008 William "Bill" Scheid Susan Grantham Herb Hayde
2008-2009 Terry Lurvey Susan Grantham Jim Lee
2009-2010 Alan Tonelson Betty Misch Ronald Smith
2010-2011 Dick Burnett Burney Starks BK Knappenburger
2011-2012 Ed Verburg James "Jim" Jennings Bob Davis
2012-2013 Dave Bertagnoli Michael Iafrato Jim Cortright
2013-2014 Jack Hamilton Michael Iafrato Windy "Bo" Mortensen
2014-2015  Kathy Bayer Ed Verburg Joe De Blasi
2015-2016 Bob Mola Ed Verburg Bob Carson
Prepared By Jack Hamilton